Who am I?

I’m Tejas, and I’m a third-year student at Stanford studying economics. I’m interested in animal welfare, economic development, and effective altruism, and I write about a wide range of adjacent things; I plan to start writing here in June 2024.

My Twitter is @TejasReal and my personal website is tejassubramaniam.com. You can contact me through my website’s contact form.

I also spent a lot of time in high school reading and thinking about gender violence, and plan to edit and put up a bunch of drafts I wrote from that time.

To get a sense of who I am, I recommend some of my old writings and Twitter threads:

I also like competitive debate. In high school, I competed for Team India at the World Championships, and I continue to debate in the British Parliamentary format for Stanford.

If you’d like to hear me talk about debate, check out this interview I did for the Structural Reasons podcast, and this lecture I gave on debating animal welfare.

I’m supported by Emergent Ventures.

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Applying economic thinking to animal welfare, emerging technologies, and international development.


I’m a student at Stanford studying economics, and I‘m especially interested in applying economics principles and evidence to animal welfare, international development, geopolitics, and risks posed by emerging technologies.